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Supernatural Transcripts
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Sorry I forgot to include the direct link for the supernatural yahoo group.

Please go to the below link to join...


Thanks again for any interest and sorry for not including this earlier.

Hello Everyone

This is Faith(amijgirl/rvdivasedge) and I have created a new yahoo group just for Photo related stuff for Supernatural.

I welcome Fan Art....Photo's of the Show...Photo's of the Boys...Photo's of the Impala...or anything else that is photo related as long as it deals with the show or the characters (even the guys that play them.)

I don't mind discussions and such or anything you want to add to the group really as long as it is SUPERNATURAL related.

I just wanted a place to go find photos quickly and to have a place to localize photo related stuff.

PLEASE try to stay on topic and no spamming or flaming.

There will be youngsters here I am sure so try to keep the language and discussion age appropriate.

Thanks and welcome,


Let the SUPERNATURAL party begin!!!!!

Just go here to join....


or email here to subscribe....

20th-Sep-2006 12:40 am - Website news!
After some much needed coding help from literati, I am happy to announce the appearance of my new Supernatural subdomain:


You can find my fic and graphics there, but most importantly of all, you can also find the Supernatural transcripts generated by the volunteers here.

'Bloody Mary' and 'Death in the Water' are up already and more will be going up soon. There are another two sitting on my desktop waiting to be checked, linked and coded, and all the rest are still being worked on by all of our diligent volunteers.

If you want to bookmark the Transcript section directly, this is the link:
7th-Sep-2006 08:26 pm - Season 2 Eps 1-9
Well, while I'm asking for volunteers, I figure I might as well start a post for S2.

First nine eps of S2 up for grabs. Beware spoilers in the form of episode titlesCollapse )
7th-Sep-2006 07:13 pm - All your links are belong to us!
Update on the transcript front - I still haven't heard from nolajax (01 - Pilot), copernica3 (15 - Benders), quietdiscerning (19 - Provenance) and beanside (20 - Dead Man's Blood) as to whether they're still transcribing their episodes. If I don't hear anything from them by the end of this weekend, I will have to put the episodes back up for adoption.

Also up for adoption again are the following episodes:

09 - Home - __rini
12 - Faith - strippedpink
17 - Hell House - lostt1

ETA: - I've made another post here asking for S2 volunteers. Only click if you don't mind spoilers in the form of episode titles.

If you missed out on volunteering your services last time, here's your chance. *bats eyelashes hopefully*

And now to the main reason for the post - I want your links! Know a kickass Wendigo site? Gimme! Found a database of Lady in White legends? Gimme! Tracked down 'How to create your own Tulpa?' I want that link!

Please comment here with the episode name, the subject of the link and the raw url, for example:

02 Wendigo - wendigo site - http://www.wendigos-r-us.com

When I have a goodly collection, I will sort them by episode and post the list here - a useful resource for everyone, not just those of us who are adding links to transcripts. :D

Thanks again!
Sample TranscriptCollapse )

Questions? Additions? Suggestions? Tell me now, people! Thanks. :D
27th-Aug-2006 09:45 am - Hey all!!
Just a quick note here: I know we got all confuzzled with the transcript situation and if we were doing anything, etc etc. In light of a few factors, 1) being I'm really pressed for time right now, and 2) she has MUCH better ideas about these things than I do *g*, the new comm mod will be darkhavens.

DK is looking to do some fun stuff; interactive transcripts, linking, all sorts of awesome things on a website, and I honesly have no brain for technical stuff of html, etc, so I think we're just gonna let her have at it. We sill have a full month before the S2 premiere and I think we can realy get something cool going.

So, welcome DK!! We're all here ready and waiting to see what you wanna do, baby!!
26th-Jul-2006 01:32 pm - so here's the deal
hey all!

So, exsequar pointed out this site:


which has like, transcripts for most episodes for the first season, as well as the sides for certain episodes, etc. I'm not sure why it never came up when I was searching for transcripts, or what the deal is with that. And when I had originally asked on my lj if anyone knew of any transcript sites no one mentioned it so I guess *none* of us knew about it, lol, so, whatever. I'm just not sure what we want to do now in regard to this site and lj, etc.

I mean, I dont want everyone to go crazy and do work that's already been done, but I feel like I want to do *something* here now, cause we're all geared up to DO something. Do we want to do this as more of an lj based thing? Or, I dont know, everyone keeps their episode and we do some sort of mapping project, tracking the route Sam and Dean made for season one across the US, then season two, etc?

I have no idea. Please check out the link, guys, and give me your opinions!!
20th-Jul-2006 08:07 pm - Close Captioned text? Latin, anyone?
I seem to recall a comment where someone mentioned they could pull dialogue from the Closed Captioned file. While I know closed captions aren't exactly accurate, I have to admit that Sammy's little exoricism is kicking my ass.

So can I bug anyone for that file, or barring that, did anyone take Latin in school? Because I'd really like to avoid writing "SAM: (reads in Latin)" over and over again. =P
20th-Jul-2006 08:01 pm - Transcript Format - sample
Hi, I'm the vaguely obsessive-compulsive fan who's volunteered to host these transcripts *waves* and I'm hoping that you could all produce something a little lot like this:

Sample TranscriptCollapse )

If anyone has any questions, and/or ideas for improvements, please voice them now so I can tweak as necessary. Thanks!
20th-Jul-2006 10:32 am - Transcript Formatting:
All right, everyone! Here we go!

First though, I keep forgetting to give a huge thank you to slodwick for the gorgeous lj layout for the comm. Thank you, slod!

Ok. The awesome darkhavens and literati are going to be designing the webpage for the transcript site, and I have to tell you, I couldnt be more grateful. (Websites and I dont get along well, in that I dont understand them, and they persist in mocking me at every turn. So. YAY for darkhavens and literati!!)

Under the cut tag will be the layout for your transcripts. All the info we're looking for, as well as some other helpful hints for the transcribing. Then I'll let you know what to do when you're done, etc.

Click Here for Info!Collapse )

Finally, this whole project is a group effort, and we're all here to help each other. If you have a question about your episode: you've watched it fifty times and man, Jared MUMBLES one line and you just cant make it out, or you've been watching and watching but just cant figure out what the name of the song is during the scene when Dean and Cassie are in bed, please, post a question to the community and someone will be able to answer you. We're all in this together, to do something for the fandom as a whole, so let's work that way, all right?

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to comment here or email me. I'm so excited about this, guys, and thank you all again for all your hard work!

Now let's get started!!!
17th-Jul-2006 10:46 am - Let's get started!
All right! Thanks so much to everyone for signing up to help out with this. It's going to be a process, but hey. It's summer! What else do we have to do till the boys come back, right? *g*

Ok. So I'm working on getting the site itself set up, and have a layout all ready and such for the transcripts themselves. A bunch of people volunteered to help with proofreading, so let's get this started by claiming an episode, shall we?

I'll put all episode titles under the cut tag, and I'll try and keep up as best I can with crossing them off through the day. To make everyone's life easier, please list your first choice, as well as an alternate, just in case your first choice gets grabbed before you get there.

And yes. We're transcribing ALL episodes. That means that yes, SOMEONE has to do Route 666 *g*

Also, please note that what we're looking for here are *in-depth* transcripts. Dialogue, locations, etc. If you're not going to be able to commit the time to do this, please dont offer and then drop out way later in the game. That's not fair to anyone involved. There's no real due date for these, but I'd love to have them all done by the end of August, so that we can get the site up and running and all of season 1 completed by the time season 2 starts up.

This will be an ongoing project, as well. Once the second season starts, we'll be transcribing them and uploading episode by episode as the season goes on.

Any questions? Let me know in the comments. For now, here's your list. Let me know what you want!

season 1Collapse )

ETA - All done, folks! Stay tuned for the format we're all gonna use and further instructions! Thank you all!!
7th-Jul-2006 09:50 am - WELCOME!!
Welcome, everyone, to the Supernatural Transcripts lj comm!

This will be the place you will claim your episode, ask any questions and air out any concerns you have, as well as offer up all your services to either host some webspace, pretty up the lj comm, or what have you.

Anyone who's thinking of possibly helping out with the transcript project, or even just wants to poke around and see what's going on, please join the comm, friend this lj, and stay tuned!!

(hee! ok, this is not the post to claim your episode. this is just a hi, hello! type deal. the claiming will be next week *g*)
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